Frequently asked questions about giga-cv App

My personal information does not appear on my resume !

Go to “modify resume “ and select, for your personal information, what appears in the 6 available lines.

Can we manage other personal information ?

Yes, of course, add an area in [Setup menu. – More information] and then enable it. This area will appear at the bottom of the screen [Personal details] for data input.8 additional zones are available. Ideal for your various licenses or other documents.

Why manage multiple positions ?

If your training and / or your professional experience allows you to apply to multiple positions, you can then create as many profiles as employment ads posted.

Your resume is always available.

The colour is nice but I want to be more discreet !

No problem !giga-cv can generate all your resumes, as you wish, in color or in grayscale [Setup menu. – Settings].


May I replace Training by Studies ?

Yes, the section titles are only proposed and you can change or modify them to your liking.In the screen [Sections], you customize the name of each section and their order thereof.

A resume of one or more pages ?

The application generates as many pages as necessary, based on the information entered and the chosen style.You can also act on the sections to appear or not. In resume mode display, you may act on the font’s size and the spacing of the areas (sections, subsections and paragraphs).

I would like to set my skills forth

In the screen [Setup menu – Sections], you select the order of the sections of your resume.

In preview mode, my resume is not very clear, is this normal ?

Yes, for the motions / zooming to be fluid, it is the low resolution pdf image which is displayed.Do not worry, your pdf file, sent or printed, will be of high quality !


How to print in wifi mode ?

Your printer, AirPrint compatible, must be connected to the same WiFi network as your adsl box your iPhone or iPad are.

Change the name of my resume ?

By default, the file name of your resume is “myResume.pdf”, you can of course change it, but keep at all times the .pdf extension at the end of the name. Example: CVJohnEverybody.pdf