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Writing an effective resume is the first step to success in your job search. Without any advice or rules, it is a difficult exercise.

The cover letter, that accompanies your resume, should tempt your potential employer to meet you and its contents should generate interest.

Let’s be clear: the resume and the cover letter are nothing less than your promotional tools to convince a recruiter to offer you an interview.

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To stand out from the crowd, your resume must positively attract the attention of recruiters and for this your skills, your training and your professional experiences must be highlighted. Great attention should be paid to the content as well as the layout.

This blog has a lot of items to transform these documents into a sesame for your next job.

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Write a beautiful resume in a very short time and manage your cover letters.

Reveal your personality: modern or design resume, classic resume, original resume, simple or minimalist resume, 28 templates are available to create a resume in PDF format that you can send by e-mail and also export to drive or cloud.

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Personal information, professional career, all sections, giga-cv manages essential information and offers you a quality resume to apply for job offers or canvass companies in your sector of activity via spontaneous applications.

Available on iOS / Android devices and also on macBook and Chromebook laptops, the giga-cv app supports you in your job search by offering you a resume that is always available.


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