Remember Me? How to Follow up after sending a Resume

Sending out your resume… and then?

The job search is a job in itself and as such commands a disciplined organisation.

You do not send resumes as bottles in the sea, monitoring and reminders are part of the job.

The follow up

The ideal is to synthesize your job applications on an Excel spreadsheet, this will help you to have a clear overview, to measure the progress of your queries and of course to manage follow up reminders.

Here is an example :

Example of a template that can help with your application follow-up, after you send out resumes and cover letters

This document will contain all the information necessary to monitor your follow up on a day to day basis, to write down everything that you feel to be relevant to the job offered and the company offering it.

At a later date, should you need to launch another job search, you will have all the details of each step already undertaken.


When and how to follow up by a telephone call

Our goal is to establish a relationship with the company, to show the recruiter your motivation and enthusiasm for the position, and of course not appear as a pain to him.

The purpose of the call will then be :

  • To insure that your candidacy reached him (this is the pretext for the call).
  • To ask questions about the timing of the recruitment (to show your interest).
  • To propose further information, copies of diplomas or references (or any other suited documents) (second step in showing your interest in the position offered).
  • And if this phone contact is positive, propose a meeting with the recruiter at his best convenience – not yours.

The proper timing for this follow up telephone call is from 8 to 10 days, which will leave enough time for your candidacy to arrive and be examined.

When making this call, have on hand your resume, your cover letter and all the information added on your Excel sheet. By all means, be courteous and polite, stick to the objective of your call, listening to the recruiter then ending the conversation with proper thanks.


Following up by e-mail

If the person you wish to speak to is not available, sending him or her an e-mail will leave a written trace of your call attempt regarding your candidacy.

here is an example of such e-mail:


Further to my candidacy submitted in response to your position as Project Manager of After Sales Service, offered Feb. 2022 and as published on the website, I would like to emphasize my deep interest for this position as it matches closely my skills and ambitions, I do hope that this application, sent to you via e-mail, reached as planned.

I remain available, at your best convenience, to supply you with any further information you would request as well as for a constructive person to person meeting.

kind regards,
Joseph BROWN
(623) 999-9999

Follow-up sample email for the position of project manager

Acknowledgement sample for a job interview

Dear Ms. Lastname,

Following the interview, which you granted me on [DATE] at your premises for the post of [JOB POSITION], I wanted to sincerely thank you.

I really appreciated your hospitality, the quality of our discussions and the clear vision you have towards the future developments.

Today, I present anew all my motivation and my desire towards being part of your teams.

In view of a future collaboration, I present to you, Madam, my best regards.

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