Managing and explaining gaps in one’s Resume

advice to manage and explain hole / gap / inactivity in your CV or Resume If life was a long quiet river, the problematic of the gaps in the resume would have a minor importance.

Whether it is unemployment, parental leave, sabbatical or sickness, business creation project, expatriation and even working from home, all these periods that can stake out your professional career are singular. To secure your applications, the latter deserve the greatest attention in their explanations.

We are going to talk about a hole on a resume for an interruption of more than 4-6 months. Below, in the light of previous economic contexts, a recruiter will have integrated the time necessary in the search for new employment.

To obscure, prettify, lie?

In case of significant differences, the doubt will install, and the study of your application will not be as interesting.

One must therefore clearly indicate the reason and the duration for these periods and show how they have been beneficial to you.


Our tips

For a period of unemployment, specify that this pause has helped solidify your willingness, your tenacity and has helped to strengthen your organization and discernment skills. You can also express the idea that you have managed to develop genuine commercial prospecting and thus managed to implement a winning strategy.

For a parental leave, speak about your sense of duty, of the time spent to update your skills, technology-wise, or about your commitment in the associative world, etc.

For the sabbaticals / expatriation, highlight the human experience, the development of the language, the spirit of adventure, the taste for challenge.

Regarding health reasons, no detailed explanation is necessary.


Staying positive

You must understand that your recruiter will try to know clearly wether you have recorded your periods of professional inactivity in a pro-active approach or if you managed to sit and watch tv all day.

Everything must be already clarified at the level of the resume, the fundamental basis for clear explanations are to formulated in a positive way during your future interview.