Mini-resume : brief summary of the Resume

With the “calling card” format, you can also decline your resume in a more minimalist form: the mini-resume.

Advocated for direct meetings with potential employers, such as during a job fair or when prospecting directly, the mini-resume is an additional tool for your job search.

Example of mini-cv, realized with IOS app mini-cv

Having, with you, at all times a dozen of small size mini-resume gives you the possibility to distribute them when any opportunity presents itself, especially unexpectedly.

In the “card” format, your mini-resume includes, in a condensed form, your contact information and a summary of the proposed function as well as skills. Depending on your profile, other strengths may be more effective: explanation of your professional project, last diplomas, meaningful experiences, availability and so forth …


In order, for the person you speak to, to remember you perfectly, put a photo ID on the mini-resume. In this case, it must be new, and with a look suited to the situation.

Tip to stand out: insert a QR code on your mini-resume, it is trendy and it shows your originality. The QR code can be read with a mobile phone, and may contain other information as important as your contact info or a link to your resume, Book, or online Portfolio.

Example of mini-cv with qr-code

Finally, when searching for small jobs, seasonal jobs, summer jobs, student jobs, the mini-resume is the right solution to keep in touch with any potential employer.

For your information, the mini-cv app enables you to create your mini-resume with an iPhone or an iPad, with an ID photo, or a QR code.

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