Make your Job Posting Searchable : the Importance of Key Words

Applications tracking software applications, optimized resume management, recruitment software: the market is full of programs developed for recruiters to optimize all phases and tasks related to recruitment.

Set desired profile and adequacy of resume received (offered / requested), manage a pool of applicants via a Data Base to construct a resume database, automate and manage online applications, are the primary features of the current applications.

In order to quickly select resumes that match to the best available positions, these programs use a combination of search keywords.

Therefore to insure that your resume be found on the top of the stack, it must contain a maximum of keywords, which is why it is critical to individualize your resume for each reply to a job offer and use the right words.


Robots rule !

It is not sure that they make the difference between “IOS app. creator” and “iPhone / iPad Developer”. You must help them (the robots). The keywords will be skills, technical terms, sectors, diplomas, names of previous employers, action verbs, names of software, as well as all specificities pertaining to a specific job or function.

The method for finding these keywords is the analysis of a significant number of real opportunities that match your background and to highlight the keywords.

Be aware of the fact that your cover letters and emails are also scanned by those application software. The appropriate use of keywords and specific action verbs action is also highly recommended.

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