Writing a successful internship report – part 2

This is the second of a two part series. Read part 1 here.

The thanks

This part allows you to send your thanks to the people who have contributed to the success of your mission. Cited will be generally be the master of internship, the staff of the company as well as the tutor of the internship.

Specify for each the name, extension, or the function occupied as well as the reason, the thanks expressed. One can thus express its gratitude for the welcome, the time spent, the confidence, the explanations, the encouragement, patience, listening, etc.

summary (or the table of contents )

From the outset, the reading of the summary should give a complete and accurate picture of your work; it will therefore consider all major parties as well as the chapters of your book. Watch out when selecting titles, they must be explicit and precise.

Use a hierarchical numbering and specify the corresponding page numbers.
More detailed than the summary, the table of contents includes in addition all the subdivisions of this report.


The introduction

The introduction must reveal to the reader the purpose of your course, get him to know the subject, the context, the objectives and the problematic.
Talk about the company, about the importance of the subject, of your choice, indicate your approach methodology and complete by the major lines of your upcoming development.

The development

In this paramount part, there are several sub-parts.

First, the host company, introduce and talk about its history, its sector of activity, key data, the location, competition, internal and external organization (placed in a group etc. ), the results, etc.

Also give a descriptive of the department / service in which you are performing the internship that is specific enough.

Second, your mission , please detail the subject of the course, the means available, the recommended methods, the duration imposed, the steps to follow, the objectives to be achieved, etc.

Specify with which actors of the business you are in relationship to this mission, from the functional and hierarchical point of view.

Describe the set of tasks performed for the achievement of your mission by insisting on the major facts, the difficulties and the issues encountered.

Specify how you managed the problems: resolution, initiative, workaround … and in an objective way, talk about the results obtained.

Finally in third, your professional project.

First of all, discuss the the inputs (or absences) of your theoretical training and practical responses to this professional experience.

Then, drag the balance of inputs on the professional plan. Explain specifically the importance of the course in term of experience, know-how and skills.

For example, you can explain how during this training period you have gained thorough knowledge of a business, developed new skills, faced difficult stressful situations, integrated an existing team, worked on several ones, taken initiatives, assumed your autonomy, manifested rigor, involvement and professionalism, acquired pro knowledge of a sector of activity, etc.

Finally, from a personal point of view, explain by example what you liked and why, the importance of this experience for your future orientation, your vision of the company and of the work, etc.


The conclusion

Remember the reader about the main subject, the problematic and the results obtained. Then justify the top 3 inputs on a personal and professional level and finish by opening on new perspectives for your professional future.

Entry-level Resume sample for internship or part-time job


In this part should figure all the essential documents for a complete understanding of your mission. You will of course make reference to these documents in the “development” section.