Sending your application by e-mail

Sending your application by e-mail has become common, given the flexibility offered by electronic mail. Some practical facts should be taken into consideration in order to avoid annoying problems.

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The resume file

Unless otherwise specified by the recruiting agency or the recruiting company, your resume must be as a PDF format file, attached to e-mail as an attachment.

There is little chance that the recruiter will take time to convert a file for which it does not have the proper software: privilege the PDF format, it is universal on all platforms.

If your resume is in Microsoft Word (.doc, .dot, .docx) or OpenOffice (.Odt, .ott, .oth), there are online converters such as doc2pdf.

As for the name of your resume file, use your first and last name, avoid accents, special fonts or characters and unnecessary spaces.
Example: cv-john-smith.pdf

Warning: some computer systems will not recognize your resume without suitable extension. Your file must have the extension “.pdf”.

If your resume contains a photo or logos, check that the file size does not exceed 500KB. Some mail software refuse attachments beyond a certain size, in transmission as well as receiving. In all cases, use a picture in a low-resolution image (eg 200 x 240 pixels).


Your cover letter as an attachment

Same recommendations as for the resume file. The letter may include a scan of your signature but beware of the possible “weight” of the image.

The email cover letter

Sending cover letter and resume electronically by e-mail Only your resume is sent as an attachment, you explain your reasons in the text of the email. Same methodology as your cover letter, but shorter. Be brief, with shorter sentences, less formal, more direct style and a simple sign off.


General presentation

Even sent by email, your application must be well presented. No fancy email address, no clutter, no request for acknowledgment of receipt, do not forget your attachment. Use appropriate and homogeneous typography in size.

The subject of the email is clear and precise, such as “Application for the position of, Advert #, Reference”
Embedding a signature to your email adds a professional touch to your application by pointing to your details and possible links to your digital profiles on Viadeo and / or LinkedIn.

Example of e-mail signature

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